The Art of ‘Fitting in’

While in Rome, do as the Romans do.

It makes perfect sense to learn proactively and systematically how to ‘fit in’ a culture that you are going to live in for a significantly long period – be it for study, work or any other reasons.

This demands a highly sophisticated amalgam of ‘manners’ and ‘mannerism’ in conducting everyday affairs in an unfamiliar or totally different environment – in approaching people, initiating casual conversation, engaging in discussions or business negotiations with confidence, appreciating the local cuisine and culture of the host. Our etiquette and individual style are the tools that we can strategically employ to leave people – be it your boss, your business partner, your interviewer, your peers or the one you have a crush on – in ‘awe’.

Who is this module for?

This module has been designed by professionals who have ‘been there, done that’, drawing on their two plus decades of extremely enriching experiences as expats in both Eastern and Western cultures. The session is highly recommended for:

Students (pre-teen and teen) who are in the initial phase of learning or education, especially in institutions with multicultural/multilingual classmates.

Students (young adults) who are preparing for higher studies abroad. For many young people, pursuing a degree overseas may be the first time to live alone in a place where they are a complete stranger. Being away from home and the people you know, it’s easy to feel lonely and out of place. But having the skills – and confidence – to savour and internalize a different couleur locale empowers you to not just expand your academic horizon, but also your network and understanding of the world around, and the role you can play in it. It is the key to further growth and new opportunities.

Professionals who are posted abroad (on short or long term deputation; with or without family). Assuming a new role in an unfamiliar environment and working with people who think, speak and act very differently can be trying. And it can be draining if you – or your accompanying family members – are unable to adjust and acquire a basic command of the local language. But when equipped with a better understanding of the local (business) customs and social norms, a potentially huge challenge can turn into a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience for both the expat and his/her family.

What will you learn in this session?

After attending the session, you should be able to:

– Understand the basic undercurrents of ethnography and anthropology

– Establish instant connections with new culture and fully integrate

– Learn ‘the ways to fit in’ the host culture to enjoy every bit of staying abroad (cultural traits, language ability, interpersonal nuances….)

– Maximize your professional goals while getting exposure to different work ethics

– Appreciate and celebrate cultural differences and distinctions rather than being afraid of ‘unknown


Module Format – SEMINAR and WORKSHOP

1)  Flexibility: Modules are available as ‘complementary‘ courses as well as ‘stand-alone‘ sessions at the door step of participants.

2)  Suitability: Seminars are appropriate for a larger audience i.e. around 80-100 participants for a 3-hour session on a topic. Workshops enable interactive learning in smaller groups i.e. about 30 participants per session (1 day/ 3 day/ 5 day workshops).

3)  Facilitation: Sessions are conducted by two or three (subject to the scope of the topic or the participants’ requirements) international faculties/experts.

For further details on the module or other available modules and registration, please email/call us.

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