Money Skills

In the 21st century, what will secure your kids’ future is not the assets or wealth from you, but mastering money skills and developing fine-tuned financial behavior.

With the ever-changing global financial landscape, it is no longer constructive to believe that the kids and youngsters of today could be ensured to have a hiccup-less future just by providing them assets hard-earned by the parents. Instead what is needed is to provide them with solid foundation of money skills and sophisticated financial behavior that will insulate them from any unpredictable eventualities in the times ahead.

Given the complexity of rules and regulations that dominate the world of money making, taxation, investment and all its legal aspects, lacking essential financial and money skills, could easily result in losing the existing wealth and assets.

Who is this module for?

Put simply, we all need money skills since it is an integral part of human transactions from birth till death.

This module is designed for two exclusive groups: pre-teen and teen. An advanced version of this module is available for young adults (20 plus) too. For all these groups, content and their delivery are customized accordingly.

What will you learn in this session?

After attending the module, young adults should be able to:

– Understand the value of money and of hard-work that earns it.

– Understand the need and methods of budgeting and saving.

– Understand the basics and specificity of various dimensions that concern money making i.e. tax, investment, laws and so on.

– Comprehend the nature of transactions, technologies and frauds associated with money management.

Module Format – SEMINAR and WORKSHOP

1)  Flexibility: Modules are available as ‘complementary‘ courses as well as ‘stand-alone‘ sessions at the door step of participants.

2)  Suitability: Seminars are appropriate for a larger audience i.e. around 80-100 participants for a 3-hour session on a topic. Workshops enable interactive learning in smaller groups i.e. about 30 participants per session (1 day/ 3 day/ 5 day workshops).

3)  Facilitation: Sessions are conducted by two or three (subject to the scope of the topic or the participants’ requirements) international faculties/experts.

For further details on the module or other available modules and registration, please email/call us.

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