The Art of Scenario Planning

The most fascinating part of life is that it is lived without any rehearsal.

And the most perplexing part is that despite so much accumulated information,  knowledge and wisdom around us, we are yet to come across a foolproof recipe or manual on how to make smart decisions about crucial matters related to family, relationship, careers and/or choices in life that are must for our self-actualization.

Decision making has never been easy but scenario constructions and planning enable us to dissect various qualitative elements that influence and shape the future events which might have direct or indirect impact on our decision making ability.

Who is this module for?

Decision skills are indispensable for every thinking mind. They are needed in both, professional world as well as personal life. Scenario planning is an important tool for anyone who is faced with the prospects of making decision on various matters in life like below:

STUDENTS (Current and Fresh Graduates)

Very important module for those who are to decide on which subject to study, which career to opt, which position/location to start the career from etc. It is absolutely must in job market analysis or plans for career shift.

PROFESSIONALS (Private and Public Sectors)

Professionals/ experts engaged in the process of decision making/ critical thinking such as dispute resolution, market trends, consumer behavior, technology changes would find the module invaluable.

LEADERS (Corporate, Political, Public and Diplomat)

Any high level board room discussion with umpteen choices and alternatives would demand a crisp scenario planning to articulate a vision for the growth of the organization/ project.

COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS (Individuals, Interest Groups, NGOs and others)

Scenario planning is an effective tool in educating and convincing the community stakeholders on various public campaigns and social awareness programs.

What will you learn in this session?

After attending the module, you should be able to:

– Appreciate the complexity and chaos in sorting out relevant data and details to address the key questions required for smart and informed decision making

– Understand various types of scenarios such as exploratory i.e. what might happen under various circumstance, or aspirational i.e. how a specific future or eventuality can be achieved or avoided

– Construct framework for trend analysis and strategy formulation

– Fine-tune the art of storytelling about the change agents, changes and future events

– Articulate the preferences and selections of options for decision making in a convincing fashion

– Acquire critical thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, and of course decision skills


Module Format – SEMINAR and WORKSHOP

1)  Flexibility: Modules are available as ‘complementary‘ courses as well as ‘stand-alone‘ sessions at the door step of participants.

2)  Suitability: Seminars are appropriate for a larger audience i.e. around 80-100 participants for a 3-hour session on a topic. Workshops enable interactive learning in smaller groups i.e. about 30 participants per session (1 day/ 3 day/ 5 day workshops).

3)  Facilitation: Sessions are conducted by two or three (subject to the scope of the topic or the participants’ requirements) international faculties/experts.

For further details on the module or other available modules and registration, please email/call us.

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