The Art of Business Diplomacy

Diplomacy is the business of handling a porcupine without disturbing its quills – Unknown.

In the wake of globalization and internationalization and rising influence of non-state actors like netizens, global firms, of late, are far more exposed and subject to minute public scrutiny, and face a whole new gamut of complications in their overseas operations than ever before. Traditionally, they used to rely on state diplomacy for their business facilitation in foreign markets. However, in the constantly changing chaotic and complex global growth landscape, it is neither feasible nor advisable to expect that conventional diplomatic efforts alone would ensure a smooth entry or operations abroad – more so, in markets known for institutional void.

This is where ‘business diplomacy’ surfaces; firms need to take an extra step to ensure that their leadership or representatives are competent in business diplomacy skills that enable them to meet any eventualities, especially to handle legitimacy challenges in global business vis-à-vis state or non-state actors, economic or non-economic issues, and maintain – if not grow – their brand equity, firm reputation, and legitimacy intact, even in adverse conditions.

Who is this module for?

This is an exclusive multidisciplinary module for all those working or aiming to work in the fields of international business (MNEs and SMEs), foreign affairs, international organizations (like United Nations, International Monetary Fund, Asia Development Bank etc.) or intercultural relations.

The module offers invaluable insights to students, professional, leaders and other community stakeholders on how things could go wrong in the absence of competency in business diplomacy despite usual due diligence, financial viability and business strategy.

What will you learn in this session?

After attending the session, you should be able to:

– Understand definition, scope and application of the term business diplomacy

– Pinpoint distinct elements of global business in the 21st century (‘win-win’ proposition vs. ‘shared prosperity’)

– Explain how the modes of operations in foreign markets (especially those characterized by institutional void) for MNEs and SMEs have changed

– Assess the increasing role and influence of stakeholders

– Comprehend how a strategy deficiency in terms of business diplomacy competencies could lead not only to a total fiasco of a well-reputed global firm but also to a spill-over effect on the country of its origin itself

– Internalize a comprehensive diagnostic model and remedies in terms of required competencies to meet many, if not every, eventualities


Module Format – SEMINAR and WORKSHOP

1)  Flexibility: Modules are available as ‘complementary‘ courses as well as ‘stand-alone‘ sessions at the door step of participants.

2)  Suitability: Seminars are appropriate for a larger audience i.e. around 80-100 participants for a 3-hour session on a topic. Workshops enable interactive learning in smaller groups i.e. about 30 participants per session (1 day/ 3 day/ 5 day workshops).

3)  Facilitation: Sessions are conducted by two or three (subject to the scope of the topic or the participants’ requirements) international faculties/experts.

For further details on the module or other available modules and registration, please email/call us.

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