The Art of Argumentation

Argumentation is the process of producing convictions by means of reasoning
– Dale Carnegie

Most of us tend to avoid arguments in our social as well as professional lives, but we are aware of the crude fact that we have to confront with arguments practically every day, as evident in the video (click).

‘….don’t argue with me, just do as I say.’
‘…I am not going to argue on this as it is out of the scope of our discussion’
‘… mind your language; a careless argument could cost you dearly – your love-life or job’

These are some of the phrases that we often hear while we or people communicate with spouse, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, clients or others. In some cultures, people are programmed to avoid arguments at all costs – even if that means a long term damage or loss.

Most of the time after arguing, we feel drained, bitter and hopeless, and wish we could have kept cool and avoided uttering those undesirable or unbecoming words in the fits of fury.
Interestingly, argumentation is not a negative emotional outburst, as is generally felt, but a highly valued art in almost all domains of human interactions. Those who master this art have significantly higher chances to attain amazing heights in life, irrespective of their domains or circumstances.

Who is this module for?

Anyone aspiring to score outstanding success in negotiation, bargaining, debate or convincing people with different levels of understanding in social and professional domains would need to master the art of argumentation. In other words, putting this highly rewarding, enriching and critical skill on low priority would mean missing out on too many opportunities in personal as well as professional life.


What will you learn in this session?

After attending the module, you should be able to:

– Assess the complexity and chaos in today’s borderless world where communication is multilayered in terms of language, cultural nuances and personal connotations

– Become aware of the different contextual scenarios around arguments and debates and develop a point of view on your approach to each (friends, parents, teachers, colleagues, business partners, and society at large)

– Handle communication and ideation related challenges in general as well as specific discourses

– Fine-tune the articulation and eloquence required for negotiation or effective argumentation

– Manage personal relationships better

– Boost leadership skills


Module Format – SEMINAR and WORKSHOP

1)  Flexibility: Modules are available as ‘complementary‘ courses as well as ‘stand-alone‘ sessions at the door step of participants.

2)  Suitability: Seminars are appropriate for a larger audience i.e. around 80-100 participants for a 3-hour session on a topic. Workshops enable interactive learning in smaller groups i.e. about 30 participants per session (1 day/ 3 day/ 5 day workshops).

3)  Facilitation: Sessions are conducted by two or three (subject to the scope of the topic or the participants’ requirements) international faculties/experts.

For further details on the module or other available modules and registration, please email/call us.

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