Our Story


One fine evening, a group of friends met over drinks for usual chitchat about the work and mundane lives. The discussion soon turned to the current state of the global economy and the looming UNEMPLOYABILITY CRISIS in both, the mature economies as well as in the emerging ones.

The Four Key Questions that preoccupied all of us and led to a thought provoking discussion were:



Though these friends had very diverse backgrounds in terms of education, experience, expertise, industries, cultures and languages, one thing they were all very clear about:


This further generated two core questions: WHAT should be the differentiation and format of a new program, and WHAT are the right tools to not just survive but thrive in our increasingly connected, chaotic, and continuously changing world?

It was this quest to address the UNEMPLOYABILITY CRISIS that paved the way for the birth ofpicture3to ‘futureproof‘ students, professionals and leaders

Blending our multidisciplinary background in academia and global business, we embarked upon our fascinating journey to develop the whole gamut of The Future Skills Acquisition Program differentiated as ‘only one of its kind‘.

Scroll below to see what differentiates our curriculum, THE SIX SKILLS, and the people behind the initiative.

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Roshni Pandey & Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Our Curriculum

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got –Einstein

We believe that the exigency of time is not an incremental or cosmetic change but a systemic shift in approach towards the knowledge acquisition and its application in a dynamic, deft, distinct, and diverse manner if we wish to seek value creation and valorization.

Here is how we juxtapose our curriculum:


We believe that THE SIX SKILLS complemented by any academic, vocational or other professional training can ‘futureproof’ us.


skill-meEver wondered why some people succeed in making it ‘larger than life’ while many fail in even making both ends meet? What sets these two types apart is nothing but the magnitude of awareness of the self – in terms of strengths, limitations, aspiration and motivation. ME SKILLS enable us to develop a mix of talents that makes us stand out from the crowd and to turn weaknesses into strength.


skill-weFrom outsourcing to automation. From bank crisis to the eviction of home-owners. From economic downturn to mass lay-offs. From ‘war on terror’ to refugee crisis. From global warming to the depletion of natural resources. WE SKILLS allow us to critically appreciate what is happening in the world and what it means to us as individuals, as professionals and as leaders, empowering us to turn uncertainty into opportunity.


skill-expressionThe importance of communication skills needs no explanation. As social animals, we have the innate need to interact with our fellow human beings. But having different experiences, priorities or interests, we may all see things very differently. EXPRESSION SKILLS help us to achieve our goals and cooperate with other people, while fostering the mutual respect and understanding that are at the core of meaningful relationships.


skill-decisionLife is lived without any rehearsal. Despite the compounded wealth of life lessons from previous generations, every single one of us has to figure out for him/herself what’s best. And when ‘the sky is the limit’, ‘finding your own way’ is not that straightforward – there are as many routes to success as there are to failure. This is why DECISION SKILLS are so pivotal in making the difference.


skill-bounceGone are the days of lifelong career and assured retirement benefits. The ascent of NEET’s (young people who are not employed, in education, or in training) and elderly people in ‘mini jobs’ make it clear that the times have changed. Now is no longer the time to wait for things to happen, but to make them happen. VALUE CREATION SKILLS help in transforming an idea into a product or service that people are willing to pay for.


skill-bounceConventional wisdom is too focused on success: ‘you can do it’, ‘nothing is impossible’. But in fact, all those who are celebrated for their success are actually the people who have experienced failure many times, and have become extremely well-versed in BOUNCE-BACK SKILLS. Mastery in this skill enables us to handle setbacks and turn those bitter experiences into opportunity.


Each of the skills above consists of several exclusive and distinct topics/themes, such as The Art of Argumentation within EXPRESSION SKILLS.

Here are the illustrations of our modules

Who are these skills for

exegency-quoteWe feel anyone with discerning eyes would easily recognize how crucial these competencies are, and that putting these highly rewarding and indispensable skills on low priority would simply mean missing out on too many opportunities in life.

If you belong to any of the groups below, then THE SIX SKILLS should certainly be in your tool-box.

STUDENTS (Current and Fresh Graduates)

These skills are the decisive factors in landing a dream job/career as they are instrumental in various phases such as process of application, job interview, salary negotiation, social interactions and so on.

PROFESSIONALS (Private and Public Sectors)

Business negotiation, decision making, critical thinking, value creation, media management, dispute resolution etc. are some of the domains that require fine-tuned skills for exemplary performance in any organizations.

LEADERS (Corporate, Political, Public and Diplomat)

What differentiates a true leader from the rest is an outstanding craftsmanship in terms of vision articulation, charm offensive, and eloquence on policy matters – both in the context of national/organizational interest and international affairs/business.

COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS (Individuals, Interest Groups, NGOs and others)

In order to handle matters that involve public campaigns, policy awareness, social initiatives, family/cultural values, relationships, professional ethics and so on, one needs to be well-versed in the aforementioned skills.